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About Me

My whole life has been centered around sports, and I have tried almost every sport possible that I could. Most of the time I spent with swimming, transitioning into water polo, and then I decided to make a major career decision and moved into competitive ballroom dancing. 

Dancing brought me to Jumping® Fitness, which I loved right from the very first moment. Fast forward ~4 years, and I became not only an instructor and Master Trainer, but I was also given the chance to work with the founders of the program on its further development. My added value to the program were experiences in dancing and choreographing. Step by step, the role of Jumping in my life continues to grow. I am also certified in other fitness programs, such as Zumba and Piloxing, but Jumping Fitness is always my #1.

I hope you will enjoy the content here and if you have any wishes or suggestions, contact me at

xoxoxo Jakub

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