1 year ago THE FIRST session was released! [ENG/CZE]

Whoa! Could you believe it? Exactly one year ago on this day - my very first 20 minutes session for you was released. I still those exact moments when I was deciding if and how to start. But now when I think about it - it was a natural step forward on a path I started in 2017 - and I'm so glad I made it. So here is a little story of how it all started :-)

2017 gave birth to my first choreography shooting with fellow instructors. The infamous Ice Ice Baby remix 😜 I'm sure a lot of you know exactly what I'm talking about 😁 It was fun, it was a great promotion for Jumping Fitness, so wherever I was, I also tried to put together some shooting. 🎥 And we enjoyed it every single time! Well, maybe when we supposed to record some heavily stomping focused song and somebody messed up at the very end, it wasn't that funny anymore 🤣 But, all good :-P

Those videos require just simple editing, so the turnaround time was pretty quick and every time I published the result the feedback was simply amazing.

Those videos had one issue, though. They required me to travel, have time after the training, and people willing to come on Sunday evening. And then an idea of instructional videos came across my mind!

I was wondering - would those videos be successful?

Would people like it? What format should I choose?

The first big issue was figuring out the music. If I use regular music, I most likely get a copyright warning, and then the whole video can be blocked simply because of one song. Because I was thinking about the big picture, I couldn't risk the fact that one song can influence the visibility of multiple videos in the future. So I found different resources of music where I can purchase/obtain rights for my videos or I also occasionally dig deep into the wild waters of the internet and search copyright-free music :-) Those songs are not as pleasant to listen to as Shakira, Shawn Mendez, or Justin Timberlake, but I have absolute freedom in using them and you won't get tired of them by listening radio 😁

Community video - Jumping Meeting 2018 - Love this pic!

The second issue was finding the right length of sessions. 10 minutes is too short and the longer the video is, the more time it takes me to produce it. And it grows exponentially. For me, the sweet spot seems to be exactly 20 minutes. Plus, all sessions are created in a way that you can randomly mix them. All of them start with a warm-up and finish with high-intensity songs. Mix&Match however you want :-D So I composed the first playlist, bought a cellphone tripod, and one day in the first half of January 2020 - I recorded my first 20 minutes.

I could write all about the post-production phase now, but that's a topic for a whole article itself :-) Long story short, when I released the January 2020 session, it was like hitting the bullseye - it's still the most-watched one even today! I am so happy you liked it and that it set a new course of 20 minutes sessions, which later on allowed me to create compilations, various mixes, and gave me more options for new content.

Just making a B2 video here (:
This is my editing zone :-)

So, let me say THANK YOU! If there weren't you, my channel would not grow, I wouldn't be writing this article, I wouldn't be checking the forum in the Member Zone here and I wouldn't be thinking about what video I want to release next. Well, but I know this one! As a celebration of this anniversary, I am releasing a Collection of all 20 minutes 2020 sessions in ONE compilation! So, can you finish this?! 🤣 Even if you finish it in 2 or 3 days, it still counts :-P So, have fun jumping, stay safe, healthy, and more videos are coming in the future of course! 🤩💚