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New year. New journey.

Happy New Year everyone!

2022 was a difficult year. All of us face different challenges all over the world. Every day we have to wake up like warriors to win our own battles. But there are ways how to brighten up our days - and of course, one of them is Jumping!

Last year we jumped together a lot. Online, offline, at trainings or events.

Watching you jumping to my videos makes me very happy and I appreciate every single person who hits the "play" button on my website or on YouTube. 2023 will be no different!

Over the holidays I didn't even step on a trampoline - I needed a break. But now, the trampoline is more than needed All those Christmas candies and sweets were great, but they must go out.

I have new exciting content ideas and I can already tell you that in 2023 there will be WAY MORE Jumping!

I am not a big fan of new year's resolutions. What doesn't last doesn't count.

But I believe that the 1st of January is great for beginning new journeys.

What journey is in my mind? Stay tuned

Before we start this journey, may your first days of 2023 are filled with easy returns to our daily regimens, positive vibes and... Jumping!

Jakub #11

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