The one and only Jumping® Fitness

Jumping® Fitness has been a part of my life for nearly a decade and counting, so I want to dedicate a special page to it. Especially because in recent years a lot of people has started calling Jumping® Fitness any exercise on any trampoline. Which is absolutely not correct.


What is the original Jumping® Fitness program?


- Founded in 2001 in the Czech Republic

- Founders are two Czech fitness professionals Jana Svobodová & Tomáš Buriánek 

- The only website is

- All certification courses are developed by Jumping® Fitness

- Using the one and only kind of trampoline

- Using always the same logotype



Why is it important?


Many people and especially unlicensed instructors don't realize the limitations and boundaries of trampoline workouts. Correct technique and high-quality trampoline designed solely for this type of exercise are very important and that's why we also pay so much attention to the manufacture of our trampolines. So, in the end, it's always about health it's about safety and comfortable workout :)


If you are looking for one of our top-notch trampolines, check it here: