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The one and only Jumping® Fitness

  Jumping® Fitness is a unique dynamic program on specially designed trampolines. It is a very specific training program with specific steps, music and guidelines. 


What is the original Jumping® Fitness program?


- Founded in 2001 in the Czech Republic

- Founders are two Czech fitness professionals Jana Svobodová & Tomáš Buriánek 

- Using trampolines specially designed for this program

- All certification courses are developed by Jumping® Fitness



Why is it important & trampolines:


  Many people and especially unlicensed instructors don't realize the limitations and boundaries of trampoline workouts. Correct technique and high-quality trampolines designed solely for this type of exercise are very important. So, in the end, it's always about health, safety and comfortable workout :)

  If you need to choose a budget trampoline, remember that they won't last as long as more pricey ones. My recommendation would be to save a few more pennies and save for high-end models, which be cheaper in the long-term because you can also order spare parts easily.

Jumping Original
Jumping Flexi Trampoline
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