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In Love with Jumping!

Hands up who is in love with Jumping! Alright, I see all hands up now 😜 For all of you is here my new special Valentine's Session! Out now on all platforms!

I hope that 2024 has started well for all of you and as this is my first blog post here - allow me to wish you a belated happy New Year (but if you are a member of my Facebook group, you are aware of my whereabouts 🙃)

So what's up with the Valentine's release? I like to say that it's a celebration of our love for Jumping! So the music has the obvious theme, but don't be fooled - it doesn't mean an easy workout at all! It's a sweaty relationship!

The regular release is 34 minutes long and you can watch here in the video section or on iTV.

The YouTube release is unfortunately 1 song shorter due to copyright restrictions for some countries :-( So to make it accessible to everybody, I had to edit out one song. But you still got 30 minutes of a great lovely workout! 💘

Happy Valentine's Day! Jakub xoxo


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