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NEW M"AI" Session! NEW in so many ways!

As I say in the video - I know it's been a while since I released a new free session 🙈 Buuut the longer it took, the more surprises await you there!

New location! Jumping Fitness HQ has relocated and we have a room just for photos and videos! I know, it's really plain now, but it's going to get tuned in the near future 🛋️

AI Music! With the boom of all AI services I tried to produce some songs of my own and it turned out pretty well! 😍 The pioneer of my songs is Jumpin' High which I still love the most. Then there are also 2 others, which are both different and fun to jump. This also opens so many doors for me (us!). So I guess more songs from "Jakub Novotný" are going to be included in future sessions 😜 By the way, you can already find the Jumpin' High on Spotify and other streaming services! Feel the energy of Jumping Fitness anywhere on the go! My other songs will be available soon as well :)

Don't forget that if you head to the video section here, you will find dozens of well-rounded Jumping videos!🔥 If you are looking for best Jumping Fitness workouts, I am available for you 24/7 anywhere in the world 😜

Already a member? Thank you so much! Your support helps me the most to grow this platform and offer top workouts ❤️

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this sAIssion 🤖😅


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