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What is special about the June Fusion session?

It's awesome! 😜 Ha, but there is something else! You know that I always look for new ways to improve my content and your experience. And in my mind was always a little milestone - using two cameras. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!

THE JUNE 2024 FUSION session is the very first session where I mix two camera angles, so you can see exercises better and the video is a little more dynamic. So if you haven't jumped this video yet, you should 💪 It is a great combo of 15 minutes of pretty intense Jumping followed by 10 minutes of arms/abs workout.

The video is available here, on iTV and also on YouTube. As always, huge thanks to YOU, MY MEMBERS! And because it's Friday, in the video section is waiting a new TGIF51 for you ❤️

Have a wonderful weekend with some Jumping in it :-)


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Yesss, this morning I jumped both of it. Two cameras is so nice! You're right, I can see your movements better so I'm trying to follow you're movements. Next step that you can see our moments to give feedback (but that's online not possible, reason to come more often to Czech)

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