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1 month, 4 elements, 20 videos! The best trampoline transformation challenge you can do!

Ready to get in shape with a trampoline ONLY? I have finished the longest series of videos I have ever done! One month of 20 videos that help you lose weight, get in shape, feel stronger and simply better overall. I also gave it a topic to make it more entertaining - THE 4-ELEMENTS Challenge.

If you follow me on social media, you could see me posting a lot of videos & teasers regarding the challenge. Now it’s complete, online, and available for you at any time! This is the one and only series of workouts of this kind on the entire internet, so I hope that you will try it :-)

The challenge has a 4 workouts per week structure, all videos offer also a different experience (as all 4 elements are different). All you need is a trampoline and discipline to make it all the way to the end!

To get the best results out of this challenge, you must also keep an eye on nutrition. General rules are staying away from processed foods, alcohol, but also not starving (we need energy for all those workouts!). I was able to lose 5kg of fat mass and maintain all my muscle mass by making those workouts for you and following the rules. If you decide to jump on this journey, I wish you all the best!

16 videos are available on YouTube, Extra 4 bonus videos are available for members of this website.

Because of your subscriptions, I am able to make all this content for you, thank you! If you are not subscribed, trading one monthly coffee for my subscription makes my world and gives you even more benefits than the coffee itself 😜 Thank you! 🫶


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