Economy vs. Economy (flights) Eng/Cz

This is actually just a small cute plane for domestic flights :-)

When two do the same, it's not the same...

With over 100,000 miles flown on my account with multiple airlines I am able to make a comparsion between them. And damn, there are such differences! For the beginning I will share my opinion about several Economy classes flights, as they are most common for the majority of ordinary living creatures J A taste of Business in some other article ;-)

„Cattle house“

First – I don’t want it sounding bad, but I think it’s kinda funny :D Simply as many passengers as possibly in each cabin (but still with a quite fine space around you). With that said, it is still a very comfortable and enjoyable flying, especially in my height category hobbit (Under 170cm/5.7ft). One note though, I am talking about regular airlines like KLM, British Airways, ČSA (ok, not everytime :S), Emirates, etc. Excluded are „super cattle houses“ (low cost airlines) such as Ryanair, Spirit (USA) etc. I understand why people take those flights and am not blaming – their deals are sometimes just incredible, but that’s not what this article is about.

What I do like about Economy? You get food, drinks and comfortably arrive to your final destination. Even when I flew directly between Los Angeles and Singapore, which takes roughly 17 hours straight. The flight was great. But when two people do the same, it’s not the same. Unfortunately, the Economy class doesn’t have United standards and some companies simply don’t give a sh*t about you.

Based on my experiences with airlines I have encountered, I would like to sort them into few groups.

Tier Hell:

Aeroflot – the airline itself makes some effort to become a good one, but their home airport (Sheremeteyevo) is incredibly old fashioned and painful. In addition to the horrible airport, I like to wine or a drink in a plane (they are complimentary among regular airlines), but a behavior of Russians forced the airline make all flights non-alcoholic. Not even one glass for sweet dreams! .. What the?! :D My other experiences include lost luggage for more than 2 weeks, delayed flights, last minute gate changes, etc. And again, the airport is a HELL!

Tier Classic:

KLM, Air France, British Airways, Finnair, Scandinavian Air, Czech Airlanes (hit or miss), China Eastern, Turkish Airlines and most other national airlines.

You get food, drinks, wine and some chosen spirits. The usual standard is whiskey, bourbon and vodka. Well, if there aren’t any, unlucky you :D Otherwise the food tastes pretty good (200% of my own culinary skills) and the on-board service tries to fulfill your requests as much as possible. Here not only that flights are very easy-going, but can be already pretty enjoyable :P

Tier You want this!

Korean Air, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines

When you are boarding a water bottle is already waiting for you at your seat, top notch on-board service and delicious food. Well, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… :D

Tier: Orgasm :D

Fly Emirates, Quantas Airlines

The service (from an online check-in, through the on-board service till the landing), on-board entertainment system, drinks, food, simply best all around. Only with Emirates I can enjoy my favorite drink (so good night, Jakub) Bacardi & diet Coke. Quantas are then experts of gin&tonic. Without any bulls*it around. You ask, you get it. Add advanced luggage tracking, flights on time and in a great shape. Compared to KLM using an old Boeing 747 on a leg from Amsterdam to Incheon, where seats don’t even have an USB socket (today’s an absolute MUST), while on Emirates you are in most cases able to charge even your laptop, use WIFI and the biggest screen you can find in Economy classes across all airlines. So, have a drink, enjoy the flight. I could do this straight twice around the world.

To sum it up. Traveling in Dobytčák is absolutely alright and enjoyable, if you stay away from Aeroflot and low-cost airlines (those I can do for 3 hours flights at its best). It is actually incredible how you can get to an opposite side of the world within couple hours while having a comfortable service. A few years back our furthest destination was Germany or Croatia for luckier ones and today we can travel the whole world with a snap of a finger. Just do it. The feeling and experience of discovering other cultures is priceless.

Wooden interior of Singapore Airlines

China Eastern dinner. Very tasty!

Když dva dělají totéž, není to totéž...

S více než 100,000 nalétaných mil na kontě s různými leteckými společnostmi mám nárok na určitá porovnání. A sakra, že to jsou rozdíly! Pro začátek se s Vámi ale podělím o zkušenosti a dojmy z Economy class, se kterou lítá největší procento normálních smrtelníků J Business class v nějakém příštím článku ;-)


Pro začátek – nechci aby to znělo špatně, ale přijde mi to jako vtipný přirovnání :D prostě co nejvíce cestujících vměstnaných do určitého prostoru (stále ale se zachováním slušného prostoru). Pořád se ale jedná o pohodlné, komfortní cestování a v mé výškové kategorii hobbit (pod 170cm) i na dálkové lety naprosto v pohodě. Píši ale o letech s normálními společnostmi jako KLM, British Airways, ČSA (ve většině), Emirates, apod. Netýká se to „ultradobytčáků“ (nízkonákladovek) typu Ryanair, Spirit (USA) apod. Chápu, proč si je lidé volí a proč se jejich popularita stoupá více a více. Ty ceny jsou prostě kolikrát absolutně nesutečný, ale to už není téma tohoto článku.

Co se mi líbí na Economy? Dostanete najíst, dostanete napít a dostanete se pohodlně z místa A do místa B. A to i když jsem letěl Los Angeles – Singapore, což je let dlouhý cca 17h. Nicméně když 2 dělají totéž, není to totéž. Bohužel tato třída nemá jednotný standard a určité společnosti na vás upřímně dost se*ou.

Na základě zkušeností se společnostmi, se kterými jsem už měl tu čest, bych je rozdělil do následujících skupin: