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Dropped a FREE PREMIUM WORKOUT! Watch until Nov 12th! 💥

Want a taste of my best Jumping Fitness videos, which are kept for members of this website? Now you have a chance, but only this weekend, so take your trampolines out and transform your quiet weekend into a powerful, fun and sweaty one 😜 Well, I mean 30 powerful and sweaty minutes 😅

This workout was made in a collaboration with members of my RoadTo1011 Facebook group, so a lot of songs there were new for me as well. But because of that I had even bigger accomplished feelings :-D If you want to have a chance to influence future videos as well, join the group :))

If you are not a member, choose $0 24h Rental and you are ready to go!

This option will be gone on MONDAY 13th, so hurry up! ⏳

If you enjoyed the workout, I'd love if you considered any form of subscription. It's just like one coffee :)) ☕️ Thank you, Jakub ❤️


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