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It's Friday! New Jumping mixes for you!

TGIF! These letters now have a completely new meaning! Because I just launched a new series of weekly Jumping mixes for you! Which means a new workout EVERY WEEK! Even if I am traveling for Jumping training, there is still going to be a new workout for you.

How am I able to do that? Thanks to the 4 elements challenge I just surpassed 100 songs in the #RoadTo1011 journey, which was my little milestone to launch these weekly rotations. Mixes are random compilations of my 1011 single releases, so even if I am not able to record new content for you, I already have a good library to create a new video.

With my goal of 1011 songs, this series is basically unlimited! 🤩 Each video will have approximately 30 minutes and will include songs of all intensities, including the final cooldown/stretching. Thanks to this series, your trampoline will never get a break 😜

Of course, I am still going to continue creating new sessions and other videos, this is just another type of new bonus content for you! These videos are EXCLUSIVE to members here on my website. If you are a Jumping instructor and member at, there you can find left-leg releases with music analysis :-)

If you want to be part of these weekly Jumping releases, $4/month gets you on board! 1 month free with a 6-month membership, cancel anytime before the renewal (but I hope you won't 😜)

- Jakub

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