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On the #RoadTo1011!

My new journey has begun and you all are

invited to be part of it!

Join my mission of creating 1011 Jumping routines and mixing them into various videos and sessions for you. With that, you will get more Jumping content than ever before and everybody will be able to choose what fits their mood and needs :-)

I described more details on this page, so feel free to read all about it! The first new session has already been published on this website, Jumping iTV, and also on YouTube.

I also would like to highlight a Facebook group called #JoutnyTo1011 by Jakub Novotný, which I made for this purpose. I want to be in touch with you much more than in previous years and we can motivate each other 🔥

The group is set as private, but everybody is accepted of course 😄 As soon as I see the request I am approving you, so feel free to join and join the "1011 community"! 💚 Join here!



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