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The Story of - Sugar-Free!

Some of you are well aware of the fact that I have been sharing a majority portion of my Jumping playlist with you. Whether it is my Spotify playlist, YouTube channel or the Jumping Fitness iTV. There are some songs that became a part of my playlist either by a fortunate „accident“ or for some specific reason. And some of those additions have become widely popular in your classes around the world – which makes me insanely happy. So „The Story Of…“ is here to give you some background on how these became a part of my playlist or if I have some interesting memories connected with them.

Sugar-Free by T-Ara

Let’s go back to the year 2017, I am still residing in the United States and this was the year of my first visits to South Korea. My very first visit to Asia was just a quick – but amazing, approximately 30 hours long turnaround. Jumping Fitness Korea was organizing a Big Jumping Party and I was invited as a guest for the party. Of course, that’s kind of an invitation you don’t turn down.

So for this occasion, I was looking for a special song that I could bring on the stage as an „exclusive specialty“ for the big party. I downloaded several K-Pop playlists, remixes and was ready to dig deep when I get on board of my flight. And there IT was. T-Ara and her powerful Sugar-Free remix. No long introductions, straight-up action, power and a perfect pace for Jumping. I knew this song was an ultimate bomb. Since the premiere in Hongseong, we have used this song on multiple recordings, performance shows and on Jumping events worldwide.

When I have a chance to teach at different locations around the world, this is also one that people frequently know from their own classes. Every single time it makes me super happy. The cherry on top was when Jumping Singapore picked this song along with my routine we recorded spontaneously with Jakub Mařík (above) and created a community video from multiple locations in Singapore. That was such a pleasure to watch and my heart was melting 💚 Enjoy their video below! Sugar Freeeeeeeee! 😁


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